Coming Soon to the App Store.
An all new Brushes for iPhone and iPad.

Brushes is currently in public beta testing.

You can test Brushes on your iPhone, iPad or both. Beta testing is managed by Apple's TestFlight system so your private data is secure.  No purchase necessary to take part.

Artwork by gulibleidiot

What's new in Brushes?

The whole user interface has been reworked and reorganised for a smoother, more modern user experience, while still keeping the core approachability of previous Brushes releases.

  • Clean and modern user interface with added light and dark modes.
  • Cloud import and export.
  • Improved painting gallery.
  • Redesigned canvas interface.
  • Apple Pencil support with intuitive and powerful pressure curve.
  • Painting creation enhancements with paper, photograph and device presets.
  • Compatible with paintings created by Brushes 3 and Brushes Redux.

Artwork by gulibleidiot

Showcase Your Brushes Artwork.

We are looking for original Brushes artwork to feature on the App Store, our website and social media channels.

Future Brushes Developments.

In the near term, these are some of our plans:

  • Add device rotation for iPhone.
  • Convert Brushes to Apple's Metal API for increased performance.
  • Add support for 8K paintings.

Beyond that, we have an extensive roadmap to make Brushes a next generation painting app with features not currently available in other art apps.

Artwork by gulibleidiot