Maintained and supported by Derek Pollard, Brushes is all about creating beautiful artwork.

Derek Pollard

With over twenty years of software development experience, Derek has been inspired by the success of the iPhone and iPad and the opportunities to share software in the App Store. With his trusty team of cats he designs and develops enhancements to Brushes.


Brushes was originally created by Steve Sprang for the iPhone in 2009 and was followed by Brushes for iPad in 2010. Steve’s final version, Brushes 3, was released in 2012. In 2013 Steve released Brushes as Open Source with the intention of it being taken over as a community project. Unfortunately the Brushes project went unmaintained for 2 years and the app disappeared from the App Store in 2015.

In 2014 when Brushes 3 stopped working with the release of iOS 8, Christoffer Hoel fixed the issue and created a fork of Brushes, releasing it in the App Store under the name Brushes Redux. Since then he has released fixes to two further iOS issues in 2015 and 2016.

With the disappearance of the Brushes 3 app and no sign of anyone else taking over future development and enhancements, in 2017 I set about redeveloping Brushes to include support for the latest Apple technologies and devices. I wanted to ensure the continued development and support of a product I and many others enjoy so much.

Original Brushes project

Available as Open Source on GitHub.


  • Steve Sprang
  • Scott Vachalek
  • Joe Ricioppo / Initial Dropbox Integration

Original App Icon

  • Matthew Rex Downham

Brushes Redux

Available as Open Source on GitHub.

  • Christoffer Hoel


Special thanks to Andrew Butters and Stephen Henning for their support and encouragement during the months it took to redevelop Brushes.