Showcase Artwork

We are looking to showcase your Brushes artwork
in the App Store, on our website and our social media channels.

This is your chance to get your Brushes art featured in the App Store and associated with the new and improved Brushes app. You can also help shape the future direction of this much loved painting app.

What style of artwork?

All styles of artwork are welcome. In fact we want to showcase as wide a selection as possible to help inspire new Brushes users.

Do they have to be paintings?

No, we would like to feature a range of paintings, drawings and sketches.

What can the artwork contain?

To get the most exposure, the artwork should be original, eye catching and vibrant.

Is anything excluded?

Artwork cannot be featured that contains nudity, adult themes or violence, or contains copyrighted characters or materials.

Credit and Attribution.

In return for permission to display your artwork, we will guarantee you are always listed as the owner and creator of the artwork wherever it is displayed. It is your artwork.

For every piece of artwork supplied you will be given credit and attribution as follows:

Artwork displayed in the App Store will be credited in:

  • The App Store screenshot itself.
  • The Brushes App Store description.
  • Brushes website acknowledgements.

Artwork displayed on the Brushes website will be credited on:

  • Every website page it appears.

Artwork displayed on Brushes social media channels will be credited as appropriate:

  • Instagram post - Name and account link.
  • Twitter post - Name and account link.
  • YouTube video description - Name and website/social link(s).

If we start featuring Brushes artwork on other social media platforms, we will always ask your permission first before posting your artwork.

More Questions and Answers.

Who are you?

We are a husband and wife team, Derek and Lindsay Pollard. We have been maintaining graphic design app Inkpad in the App Store for five years, if you'd like to see what we've done before and how we attribute artwork we have featured.

How do I contribute my artwork?

If your artwork is on a portfolio website or been posted to your social account, please email us links to the artwork you would like featured, or the whole portfolio, by using the contact form on this website. If your artwork is offline, please get in touch for details of how to send files.