Created with Brushes by Andrew Macara

Andrew Macara is an award winning artist, featured in many exhibitions who considers himself predominantly self taught. Painting primarily in physical media, with a striking use of shadows, Andrew brings a sense of life and depth to his paintings. Here Andrew shares some of his iPad paintings created with Brushes.

About Andrew.

"Andrew Macara studied contemporary modern British Art for a short period with Leonard Fuller at the St Ives School of Painting amongst the Cornwall Art Galleries but considers himself to be predominantly a self taught artist. He was elected in 1984 to the New English Art Club. Andrew Macara today has one of the most distinctive styles of present day contemporary British Artists. He is now established as a very collectible contemporary figurative artist and over the years his paintings have proved to be a good British Art Investment.

Andrew Macara travels extensively gathering images for paintings from around the world, but his native Derbyshire continues to feature in many paintings – particularly the Winter scenes. Other subjects with strong demand are Andrew’s British seaside paintings. Recently he has been exploring a new subject matter of reflections, involving a more abstracted painting style."

You can find out more about Andrew and see his paintings on his website and Instagram.